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ImageA Severa (Bairro Alto)
Rua das Gáveas, 55
21 342 83 14 – www.asevera.com
Founded in 1955 by Júlio Barros Evangelista, who since the beginning has always bet on big name Fado artists performing at his establishment.

He owes his success to his wife’s extraordinary culinary skills.  Maria José, created dishes that at that time were considered new and different, such as tamboril rice and stuffed squid.

The restaurant is decorated with hand painted tile panels, street lamps and arches.
Fado is sung everyday after 9:30 p.m. by João Queirós (Coimbra Fado), Natalino Jesus, Lina Santos and Elsa Coimbra accompanied  by string musicians Armandino Santos and José Maria Nóbrega.
There is also folklore available.

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ImageA Tasca do Chico (Bairro Alto)
Rua do Diário de Notícias, 39
21 343 10 40

It was in 1994 that Francisco Gonçalves, originally from Amarante and resident in Bairro Alto since 1972, opened "Tasca do Chico".

He worked in “Adega Mesquita", a well known restaurant and Fado house of the neighbourhood, and he started seeing that the typical houses were closing to give way to bars. "I felt sad seeing this".  With the “Fado bug" in him, Chico decided on taking an adventure and starting his own business, reserving two nights per week for Fado.
It has a spectacular environment, almost magical, that takes you away by the sound of the old and new Fado.

An interesting mingling and interaction between old and young.
Typical decoration.
Good food.

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ImageA Taverna d’ El Rey (Alfama)
Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, 14
21 887 67 54 - www.taverna-del-rey.com/

Situated in Alfama, one of the most recognized neighbourhoods of Lisbon, the typical restaurant "Taverna d'el Rey" offers you, in the charming environment of the old city, Fado, and the culinary specialties of regional Portuguese cuisine. Initially it was a bar that sold charcoal and wine, for twenty years now this Fado house is the property of Fado singer Maria Jô-Jô.

Here you can enjoy a truly original Fado in a neighbourhood full of Lisbon traditions.

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ImageAdega Machado (Bairro Alto)
Rua Norte, 91
21 322 46 40
In 1937, the Portuguese guitarist Armando Machado and his wife, Fado singer Maria de Lourdes Machado opened Adega Machado, which is considered to be one of  the oldest Fado houses in Lisbon.
The photographs that cover the walls, with numerous of Amália Rodrigues, are evidence of the national and international artists and politicians that have passed through here.
Besides the traditional Lisbon Fado you can hear Coimbra Fado and also enjoy folklore groups.
Some of the house specialties are stuffed squid, o boiled codfish, Bulhão clams, duck and curry shrimp.

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ImageAdega Mesquita (Bairro Alto)
Rua Diário de Notícias, 107
21 321 92 80
At Adega Mesquita, in the heart of Bairro Alto, in the midst of  Fado and folklore, you will certainly find good food,
good wine, a good environment, and impeccable service. It is a house full of tradition, in a Lisbon of Fado and tourism, Adega Mesquita has the honour of presenting itself completely remodelled, to its clients, friends and tourists. Fado and folklore shows. Open everyday after 8:00 p.m.

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ImageCafé Luso (Bairro Alto)
Travessa Queimada, 10
21 342 22 81 – www.cafeluso.pt
Café Luso is one of the most prestigious Fado houses in the country. Founded in 1927, its history is confused with Fado’s history itself, especially since almost all of the big Fado singers have sung here.

Situated in Bairro Alto, one of the most typical neighbourhoods in Lisbon, Café Luso is a beautiful space, previously occupied by the antique wineries of an 18th Century Palace, which survived the earthquake of 1755.
Special attention is always given to clients and of course to Fado.

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ImageO Canto do Camões (Bairro Alto)
Travessa Espera, 38
21 346 54 64 - www.cantodocamoes.com
A typical house that wants the client to always feel at home. It looks to create a lasting impression by its attention to clients and the art of good service. It is not obligatory that you have dinner at Canto do Camões. They accept bookings and reservations for after dinner with a minimum consumption fee.

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ImageCasa de Linhares / Bacalhau de Molho (Alfama)
Beco dos Armazéns de Linho, nº1
21 886 37 67 – www.casadelinhares.com 

 Situated on the foundations of the House of Counts of Linhares on what is left of a renasaince building that collapsed in the earthquake of 1755, is The House of Linhares Restaurant. The dining room presents the structure of that time period:  arches, constructed in bricks and supported by stone columns, where a spectacular fireplace stands out.

To honour the buildings history the restaurant presents an informal environment, excellent service and the possibility of listening to good Fado.

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Image Clube de Fado (Alfama)
Rua de S. João da Praça, 92-94
21 885 27 04  - www.clube-de-fado.com

In the heart of Alfama, you can find the Fado Club, an obligatory stop for all who enjoy excellent traditional Portuguese cuisine, Portuguese Guitar and prestigious Fado.

Upon entering the Fado Club, you can immediately feel a different atmosphere: Warm, Romantic, almost Mystical.

You will find a selective atmosphere, personalized service and excellent Portuguese cuisine.
During your dinner you can listen to renowned as well as amateur artists. Participate, sing or play and contribute to the family atmosphere of the Fado Club Restaurant.

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Image Dragão de Alfama (Alfama)
Rua Guilherme Braga, 8
21 886 77 37
It is one of the most famous spaces of Alfama, it is where famous artists like Cidália Moreira and Alice Pires have performed.

Also frequented by artists, political figures and university students, it was here that singer Teresa Salgueiro, the voice of Madredeus, started to sing.

The culinary specialties of the owner, António Gonçalves, are one of the attractions of the house: squid with shrimp, rabbit with shrimp, baked cod, cozido à Portuguesa, and lombinho with eel...

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Image Fado Maior (Alfama)
Largo do Peneireiro, 7

Inaugurated in June of 2000 the owner, Julieta Estrela, is a  Fadista with a career of almost 50 years .

Specialties of the house are various Cod fish plates, prepared by Julieta Estrela and also by Fadista Julieta Reis.
Family atmosphere.

Closed: Sunday and Monday
Hours: 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

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12. Faia
ImageFaia (Bairro Alto)
Rua da Barroca, 48
21 342 67 42 -  www.ofaia.com/

Big name Fado artists have place, along the years, this place as a reference of Fado and nightlife of Lisbon.  Here the night unfolds with the sound of the Portuguese guitar and by the words and sound of the great poetry that is sung here every night, by the voices of Lenita Gentil, Anita Guerreiro, António Rocha and Débora Rodrigues.  They are accompanied by Fernando Silva’s group of guitars. A night at Faia is promised to be an unforgettable evening.

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ImageGuitarras de Lisboa (Alfama)
Beco do Melo, 1
21 880 99 28
In the Alfama neighbourhood you can find "Guitarras de Lisboa" or “Lisbon’s Guitars”, a new space where you can dine or simply have a drink and listen to some Fado, which will simply enchant you and make you want to stay longer and come back over and over again.

A place with all of the characteristic beauty of Alfama, where you will be received in the best way.

Maria Armanda is one of the popular Fado singers that perform here.

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14. J Disse

ImageJá Disse (Bairro Alto)
Rua do Diário de Notícias, 42
21 347 05 42
The Já Disse Restaurant is a typical Lisbon space, with picturesque decoration, which will take the visitor back into that time. It has been since 1982 that at this restaurant you can listen to Fado.

Characterized, essentially by its typical environment, at this house we are invited to taste the traditional Portuguese cuisine while we listen to the voices of Fado that pass through.

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Image Marquês da Sé (Alfama)
Largo do Marquês Lavradio, 1
21 888 02 36 – www.marquesdase.com
Typical Lisbon establishment, from the end of the XVIII century. The walls are arched and made of stone, giving an extraordinary beauty to the space. 

It’s an interesting and comfortable space with good taste, where you can listen to the big names of Fado like Alexandra – one of the most respected modern day singers of Fado.

Good and attentive service.

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ImageMesa de Frades
Rua Dos Remédios, 139-A (A Alfama) Tel:21 887 1452
A small but beautiful restaurant, situated in the centre of Alfama.  Here, famous artists reunite and sing in its informal environment.  Excellent service and cuisine.

The proximity of the tables with the artists is what makes the client live each moment intensely.
Each day of the week, an artist is invited to perform and the rest of the evening is put in the hands of Pedro Castro and of friends and fellow Fadistas that happen to show up.  It’s a truly magical space.

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ImageO Forcado (Bairro Alto)
Rua da Rosa, 221  - Tel 21 346 85 79
Situated in Bairro Aldo, this restaurant is more than 30 years old.
Every night, after 9:00 p.m., there are performances of Lisbon and Coimbra Fados as well as folklore.

It’s a rustic space, decorated with oil paintings and antique hand painted tiles.

Good service and wine list.

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ImageOs Ferreiras (Pena)
Rua de S. Lázaro, 150-152
21 885 08 51
A restaurant, which was founded in 1983 that has Fado professional Fado performances every Friday and Saturday after 10:00 p.m.  Amateur Fado singers are also given the opportunity to sing.

Its owner, António Ferreira, is also a Fado singer, which adds to the spirit of the house.

Specialities of the house are the grilled food and on the Fado Nights, Cod fish.

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Image Parreirinha de Alfama (Alfama)
Beco do Espírito Santo, 1
21 886 82 09

This house is situated in one of the typical and interesting neighbourhoods of Lisbon and run by the renowned Fadista, D. Argentina Santos, that also performs regularly.  The dining area is small but welcoming and comfortable, giving the restaurant an intimate atmosphere.

Special and attentive service by the owner and excellent cuisine.
Typical decoration.
It’s wonderful to listening to Argentina Santos.

Good location, Fado shows after 9:30 p.m.

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Pateo de AlfamaPáteo de Alfama is a traditional court dating far back to early Lisbon.  Situated on São João da Praça street, that in conjunction with both Sé and São Pedro Streets, crosses the whole of Alfama, one of Lisbon's oldest neighbourhoods.  The court is formed by Murça Counts Palace's atrium, one of the buildings that withstood the 1755 earthquake, it is adjacent to "Cerca Velha", the first city wall, that is in effect, also one of  Páteo de Alfama's majestic interior walls.

Because it is within a private building, this part of "Cerva Velha" is well  conserved, therefore, when construction of Páteo de Alfama began, the City Museum Archaeology Department intervened to study the nature of "Cerca Velha's" foundations in this part of the city.  This study is documented in an exhibition that is open to the public inside of Páteo de Alfama.   Some of the archaeological peaces found during excavations are also included in the exhibition dating from century IIV to XVI d.c.

During 2007 the Palace underwent profound building improvements, and inside, a centre to promote Portuguese culture was born.  From the exhibition of handcrafts to the Folklore dances and sad sound of Fado, you'll be able to enjoy and taste Portugal's rich culture including our world famous cuisine mixed with true Portuguese heritage, all this and much more is available to you at the new Páteo de Alfama Restaurant.

A unique establishment, Páteo de Alfama is in effect a must see when visiting Lisbon, and invites you to come and taste Portugal!

Portugal's sound, has a name, it's name is "Fado", the most popular form of sung Portuguese folklore.  Born is Lisbon, it expanded throughout the country, and today, it is Portugal's internationally well know musical expression.  This popularity was achieved through superior voices that introduced this magical art abroad.  Poems and wonderful melody with heart felt sentiment that generations of "Fadistas" gave to this music, liberated Fado from the need to understand the meaning of it's words.


It is in this context, that Páteo de Alfama is proud to present a luxurious cast of performers, including Cidália Moreira, the artist with most performances in Portugal, and who's voice mirrors the true sadness that fado requires, as well as expressing the joyful soul needed during cheerful fados.

Maria Mendes, is a common face on Portuguese TV, boasting an important international career, that includes performing with the likes of Julien Clerc, Joe Dassin  or Charles Aznavour.  

Tânia Oleiro is considered to be a revelation of the new generation of Fado and Vânia Duarte is one of the 20 singers selected in a television competition with more than 30.000 competitors.

Ultimately, at Páteo de Alfama you'll witness the true meaning of "Fado", and understand why this art touches the hearts of millions worldwide. 

inally a show that offers an authentic vision into Portugal's regional folklore".

"From Tras-os-Montes to Ribatejo and Minho to the Beira's region, you'll witness Portugal's great folk traditions".

Portuguese Folklore is extremely varied because of the isolation that various regions had between them.  Whether it be because of bad ground access, or to poor communications due to the natural rugged terrain of the Portuguese territory, many regions were left untouched for many years, therefore, our folklore holds cultural influences left behind by cultures that once lived and conquered Portuguese lands.

Within this rich mixture of cultures, you'll find dances with autocnes, Celt and Roman influences, or even the assimilation of the French acculturation left by the renascence, in fact, you'll find a little of everything in Portugal's traditional folklore. This diversity gives our unique show a colourful environment that covers Portuguese regions as if a true image of distant lands were presented to you.  Come see traditional outfits, typical dances and listen to the rhythms of a once lost Portugal, that yet, today, continues to live it's rich heritage.

At Páteo de Alfama, you'll witness the magnificently coloured outfits from Minho and it's joyful dances and enjoy the "cortizen influences" of the "Estremenhas Dance".  Come feel the simplicity and coloured rhythm from the "People of Nazaré" and rejoice with the "Pauliteiros de Miranda" and the masculine "Fandango Ribatejano" performance!  All this presented to you in a seamless show filled with, dance, music, colour and above all, the true heart of Portuguese heritage!

The restaurante is situated on the first floor at the old Murça Count's Palace.  It's location is adjacent to "Cerca Velha" the roman - moure wall in Lisbon.  Here, in beautiful surroundings, next to a wall that once protected this city, you can dine on traditional hand-painted dishes from Alentejo set with true Minho embroidery.

The restaurant has smoking and non smoking areas in two distinct areas, ensuring that weather you smoke or not, you will enjoy your evening with us. 

And it is here, in total comfort that you can experience all the delicacies that only traditional Portuguese gourmet cuisine can offer.  From "Sopa da Pedra" (Stone Soup) to "Vieiras Gratinadas"(Roasted Scallops) to "Bacalhau com Natas" (Cod on Cream) and "Bacalhau com Broa" (Cod with Cornbread).  We also include in our menu, the real "Bife à Portuguesa" (Portuguese Steak), come try our "old style" Portuguese cuisine accompanied with a unique selection of the best Portuguese wines.  At Páteo the Alfama you are sure to taste the best that Portugal has to offer!



Reservations: T. ++ (351) 218 822 174
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Address:  Rua São João da Praça nº 18
1100-520 Alfama
Lisbon - Portugal 
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ImagePátio da Memória (Ajuda)
Calçada da Memória, 57A
21 364 44 51
The old Fado palace, the Pátio da Memória organizes amateur Fado sessions every Friday.

The group list is fixed, at the head is the Fadista Filipe Duarte, also counting with about six amateur singers per night.

Typically Portuguese cuisine.
Welcoming and comfortable environment.

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ImageRestaurante Nô-Nô (Bairro Alto)
Rua do Norte, 47-49
21 342 99 89
Mário Rodrigues, known to his friends as Nónó, worked for 30 years as a photographer at Adega Machado, until he decided to open his own Fado house/restaurant.

It’s a small house where you can usually find artists that sing songs invented at the moment with other artists, creating a competition of sorts.

The most requested specialties of the house are cod fish cakes with rice and beans as well as rice with seafood.

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ImageSenhor Vinho (Madragoa)
Rua Meio à Lapa, 18
21 397 26 81/ 21 397 74 56 –
In this space that is simultaneously considered fine and traditional, Fado emerges from the most beautiful voices who pay homage to the typically Lisbon music.  It simply enchantes the lovers of old Lisbon.

The stop at  Sr. Vinho is a must,  without a doubt, because giving its clients an unforgettable memory is what Sr. Vinho wants to offer.

The Fadistas start performing at about 9:30 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.

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ImageTimpanas (Alcântara)
Rua Gilberto Rola, 24
21 390 66 55
Continuing with the Fado tradition, TIMPANAS restaurant, whose name comes from the film A Severa, has existed since 1963.  Its atmosphere is typical of the Fado house and is situated in one of the most popular riverside neighbourhoods of Lisbon, Alcântara.

Upon entering TIMPANAS, you will be driven by a genuine environment which will make you travel into the old feelings sung about in Fado.

Shows start at 9:30 p.m. and are comprised of Fado, Folklore and  Popular Portuguese music.

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ImageVelho Pateo de Sant’Ana (Campo de Santana)
Rua Dr. Almeida Amaral, 6
21 314 10 63/4
This Fado House was started in 1999  in a space, although covered, conserves the main characteristics of a typical Lisbon patio – potted flowers, brick floor, typical street lamps – after the extensive restoration done by its current owner, Lina Caeiro.

It’s an ample space decorated with authentic XVII century tiles.

The house specialties are cod fish, espetadas, cataplanas and cod fish cakes with rice and beans.

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